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2017 Vineyard Update with Winemaker, Lisa Valtenbergs

As the last of the grapes from the 2016 harvest rolled through the Stonestreet crush pad toward the end of October, the vineyard team was already hard at work readying the Stonestreet Mountain Estate for winter.

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Large-Format Wine Bottles:  For the savvy wine collector

Apart from their impressive appearance and dynamic presence, large format wine bottles offer many benefits, both to the wine inside and to the person enjoying them.  Large format bottles are the perfect complement to any large gathering or special occasion.   They are a wonderful choice when looking for a bottle to commemorate major events — a wedding, birthday or anniversary – as they are able to stand up to the test of time for you to enjoy many years into the future.  Adding a few large format bottles to your collection will demonstrate your wine expertise to your friends and family — these rare trophies make for a great conversation starter or statement piece!

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Mama Frischkorn's Swedish Meatballs

Chef Eric's mother has made these meatballs every Christmas since the 1970s and they are fantastic. After preparing the meat mixture, you might think there is something wrong with the consistency, but this is the key to the recipe. The looseness of the mixture will result in one of the moistest meatballs you’ve ever had.

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Granny Smith Apple Vichyssoise with Hazelnuts and Brown Butter

Pairing rich texture with rich texture, this creamy pureed soup offers the luxurious feel and variety of flavors to perfectly complement the 2013 Gravel Bench Vineyard Chardonnay or 2013 Gold Run Chardonnay.

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A Practical Guide to Decanting

Fundamentally, decanting a bottle of wine can serve one of two purposes: to separate a library wine from any sediment that has formed over time or to aerate a wine to allow its aromas and flavors to become more vibrant upon serving.  As you slowly pour your Stonestreet wine from the bottle into a decanter it is able to rapidly take in outside oxygen releasing the desirable aromas and flavors that, when unlocked, allow the wine to express its true characteristics, highlighting the unique qualities derived from our mountain estate vineyards.

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